Montana Snell

Montana brings a desired set of qualities to the business; she is grounded, supportive, organized, and motivated – always ensuring the duo remains focused. Her business and marketing background is embedded in the foundation of Jade & Opal. She is caring by nature, which is often reflected in her words and actions. She shares a passion for beauty and design, which she demonstrates through her work. Her steady practice of yoga and holistic cooking brings a grounded wellspring of creativity and magic to the team. The yin to Tiff’s yang, this pair holds the perfect balance for any project they take on!

Tiffany Howes

Tiffany has extraordinary flair when it comes to aligning women with their heart’s purpose & future dreams. Her charismatic and spirited personality brings excitement to every situation. When connecting with soul-driven personalities, she truly listens to your story and can easily translate the message into magical visuals. After chatting with Tiff, it’s not uncommon for her to recite your needs and desires with more clarity than you knew possible. Tiff’s design background is the creative heart-center of Jade & Opal. Her incredible talent allows her to create branding & visuals that truly radiate the essence of you.


Montana's middle name is Jade

She has two fur-babies, Otis & Sir Nigel (pronounced with a British accent - click here)

Spirit Animal Deer



Organic Vegetable Garden

Music from the 50's/60's
(Otis is Otis Redding namesake)

Early Bird

Loves→ Cooking, yoga, big lashes, hoop earrings, euchre, pineapples, the ocean & cottage time


Tiffany's birthstone is an Opal

She has two fur babies, Tilly (Bluetick coonhound) & Sharky the cat

Spirit Animal Elephant



Indoor jungle

Funk Music (Matt awakened a love for bustin' a move = Shameless)

Night Owl

Loves → Eating, chocolate, hiking, big hair, all dogs, incense & comic books


Gold (everything, everywhere), dance parties, oracle cards, essential oils, cheese, mayo, and bonfires.

"Don't Worry, Be Yoncé"

– Tiff & Tana